Wicked world: man starves pregnant girlfriend to death

Nnewi – A girl of 19 years old formerly resident of mbanakwu Nnewichi Nnewi before moving back to her home town in Enugu state, has been reported dead. According to reports, she died

shortly after relocating to her home town in Enugu because her boyfriend who promised to marry her, after getting her impregnated refused to take responsibility for her pregnancy and starved her for months.

It shall never be well with this boy , said a woman who was living in the same compound with the deceased. Going further, narrated how they the yard mates has been the ones feeding this poor girl whereas her Man don’t care whether she eat or not until the day she travel back home.

She died of high blood pressure and shortage of blood simply because that evil boy refused to take care of the poor girl, not because he does not have the Money but because maybe he wanted her to suffer that way and die, she concluded.

God accept her soul , Amen!

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