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The missing ABSU female  student unclad beheaded body found in the bush in Imo state

On Daily basis we witness horror of different order i;e husband cutting wife to pieces, mother murdering own son in cold blood and likes of the story of this late young beautiful and energetic Absu student whose head

Girl’s Love – Article by Enekuwa Precious [  a Must Read ]

ABOUT GIRLS. When a girl loves, she loves for real. When she loves you, she becomes happy, she becomes proud of

How Important is S*ex in Relationships and Marriages, Find Out!

Maybe when you first read this “How Important is S*ex in a relationships and Marriages”? What comes to mind is, of course we all know S*ex is a reason why someone goes into relationship! Yes, S*ex is important in relationships and marriages but it should not take the place of adequate communication, intimacy and bonding. […]